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thicknesser cmc 400mm thicknesser cmc 400mm

400mm thickneser, wood working machine...

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NEW Allwood Edger EB266 NEW Allwood Edger EB266

Features:  Front & Back,  Top & Bottom Radius,  Buffers  7mt per min ...

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spindle moulder spindle moulder

this new spindle moulder has 5 speed adjustmentm 30mm shaft, max diameter cutter block 265mm, 10hp m...

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Alllwood panelsaw PS320 Alllwood panelsaw PS320

this panelsaw is great for all size oppertations, is strong and will last...

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speedy 207 speedy 207

this machine is in good condition, ready for a demo, for all drinning and grooving applications by c...

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beamsaw beamsaw

new front loading beamsaw, italian made, heavy construction, windows software, inc optimizer and air...

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overhead router 2 overhead router 2

new overhead wood router wood working machine, quite 2 speed over head router, inc tilting table and...

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New Allwood Edger EB351 New Allwood Edger EB351

This model is the Big Boy of entry level Edge Banders running at 15 meter per min. It has 2 saws fo...

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paoloni panelsaw paoloni panelsaw

new panelsaw, italian machine heavy construction,...

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allwood edgebander EB350 allwood edgebander EB350

this edger is a great machine, working at 15mt per minite and complete with radius trimming with ano...

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